FIRST – (Moving) Forwards

Progress and vision

We are one of the largest packaging manufacturers in Germany – with sales markets from Scandinavia to Italy and from the UK to eastern Europe. Through continuous, sustainable and organic growth, we create and secure jobs all over Europe. Our aim is to expand our presence to international market leadership.


Innovation and technology

We continually invest in the development of forward-looking technologies. Which is why we have been the innovation and productivity leader of the packaging industry for many years. We offer our customers up-to-date solutions that correspond to their individual requirements. This includes quick, flexible production and delivery – throughout Europe.

FIRST - Respect

Respect and responsibility

We respect both people and the environment. We produce our packaging from renewable raw materials – with a beneficial carbon footprint. Whenever we make an investment decision, we seek to systematically reduce our energy needs. And since we take responsibility for both the environment and society as a company, we support not-for-profit projects in the region.


Strength and expertise

We draw on the expertise, performance and economic potential of a total of 29 European sites with over 3300 employees. For us, the functionality and reliability of our products and services are a top priority. Which is why we guarantee adherence to the highest quality standards.


Tradition and values

We are an owner-managed family company, now in its third generation. Tradition and values have real meaning to us. Our philosophy is "Packaging made by people, for people". We have always believed in the value of a trust-based relationship with our employees, customers and suppliers. Our many long-term partnerships are evidence of our efforts in this area.