Packaging innovations for you

To be competitive, companies must embrace technological progress. Nowadays, superior packaging that is more efficient and more effective is essential. Which is why innovation is so important here at Schumacher Packaging. Our aim is to be the leader in this industry when it comes to innovations and productivity – so we can better meet your needs.

Digital printing

Customised digital printing

Including for large print runs

Schumacher Packaging is at the forefront of fast digital printing for corrugated board packaging, producing high-quality colour print images. We can split large print runs into partial series according to your needs and preferences – whether that's for seasonal or regional variations, or versions for specific events or target groups. Such customisation opens up entirely new potential in marketing.


  • HALOPACK: The sustainable cardboard MAP food packaging

    The HALOPACK innovation is replacing plastic trays which are common in the meat industry, for example, with sturdy cardboard boxes which are completely hygienically coated with a thin, gas-tight plastic film on the inside. HALOPACK reduces plastic use by 70 to 90%.


  • Easy Handling

    The hybrid packaging is environmentally friendly and has a positive marketing impact, and end customers can easily separate it at home. The thin film can simply be disposed of together with plastics, while the cardboard tray is 100% recyclable and is disposed of with waste paper.

  • Cardboard saves plastic

    HALOPACK is the first fully gas-tight MAP packaging to be produced mainly from cardboard. It not only ensures an outstanding shelf life for foodstuffs; the hybrid packaging can also be used in microwaves or ovens without any issues. Freezing the food in the packaging itself is also entirely hassle-free.


Light yet sturdy – the unique CargoProfil®

The patented CargoProfil® is a real innovation when it comes to material – as strong as wood and as light as paper. Our revolutionary CargoProfil® is a hollow section made of rolled corrugated board raw paper which we generate from the side runs of a paper machine. The key advantages are its low weight and easy handling.



The first packaging to feature round edges

The unique ARCWISE® packaging is made of corrugated board and, since this new material allows for packaging to be produced with rounded edges and curves for the first time, will be an eye-catching display at your point of sale. What's more, ARCWISE® is lighter, more secure and easier to stack than conventional packaging. For packing bottles or tins, ARCWISE® is often the perfect solution.


Sturdy, stable, stackable – MAISTAPACK® with TRIPLEEDGE

Our corrugated board transport boxes with the patented MAISTAPACK® triangular edge system impress with their exceptional stability and stackability. Thanks to the new TRIPLEEDGE triple fold, MAISTAPACK® can now handle even greater stresses. You no longer need corrugated board intermediate layers or transport covers, edge protection or wrapping film, which means savings of up to 30% CO2.


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