Round goods – round packaging

ARCWISE® is the first system that allows you to design and produce corrugated board packaging with rounded edges. This opens up a world of new design possibilities for you. For packaged goods such as bottles and tins, in particular, ARCWISE®'s curves reduce material usage and improve stability. This is true for a wide range of designs, from trays to shoeboxes to bottle packaging. The innovative packaging design is beneficial to your supply chain and is sure to interest your customers at the point of sale.

All the information you need on ARCWISE® is available to download in PDF format

A perfect fit

Packaging, trays and displays that fit perfectly

ARCWISE® technology makes packaging lighter and more attractive – it's no wonder that this solution has won multiple awards. The first step to create this corrugated board with curves or rounded edges is a raw paper material with a specific composition. Thanks to its high stability and perfect fit, packaging made of this innovative material provides better protection for round goods and prevents slipping. It is also easier to stack. With ARCWISE®, you can choose packaging, trays and displays that offer the best of two worlds: Efficiency and attractiveness.



Focus on sustainability

Taking a sustainable, resource-friendly approach to raw materials is more important than ever. Almost all brand names are following ambitious sustainability goals which optimise their CO2 footprint. Thanks to the material composition and physical properties of ARCWISE®, a considerable amount of packaging can be saved.


Greater stability

More secure and easier to stack

ARCWISE® packaging is more stable thanks to its curves. This means that your packaging can be stacked more easily and with a reduced risk of deformation. Damage caused by stretching is also prevented. The rounded corners are also better able to resist shearing forces, guaranteeing improved stability during transport.


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