Light yet sturdy

Light yet sturdy – the unique CargoProfil®

The patented CargoProfil® is a real innovation when it comes to material – as strong as wood and as light as paper. Our revolutionary CargoProfil® is a hollow section made of rolled corrugated board raw paper which we generate from the side runs of a paper machine. The key advantages are its low weight and easy handling.

All the information on CargoProtop® is available to download in PDF format


Setting new standards of sustainability

CargoProfil® can be disposed of quite easily along with waste paper and is completely recyclable. This means it is far more environmentally friendly and resource-sparing than conventional solutions made from wood. This material is also ideal for transporting foods, as it easily complies with hygiene regulations.


Easy to handle

Light cover frame, easy handling

We also produce CargoProtop® cover frames for transport pallets from the new paper material. In contrast to conventional chipboard made from wood, the paper-based cover frame is lighter, sturdier and tougher – thanks to its innovative paper profile. And as CargoProtop® features round edges, our cover frame can be handled with ease by your employees and is ideal for strapping.


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