The sustainable cardboard MAP food packaging

Paper-based HALOPACK food packaging replaces conventional plastic trays and therefore reduces plastic use by 70 to 90%. This innovative hybrid packaging largely consists of a sturdy carton which is lined with a thin, fully-hygienic, gas-tight plastic film on the inside. This makes HALOPACK an ideal modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for perishable foods such as meat or ready meals.

Ecological and an effective marketing tool

Ecological and an effective marketing tool

Sustainability is extremely important to consumers today. And HALOPACK is the perfect answer. Customers can dispose of this ecological hybrid packaging with great ease: The thin film is simply placed in the plastic recycling while the cardboard tray is disposed of with waste paper, as it is 100% recyclable. The disposal instructions are printed directly on the tray itself. The sustainability of HALOPACK is a highly effective marketing feature in itself and it also opens up a range of completely new appealing design options, both inside and outside – because the thin film ensures that the colour-printed cardboard tray never comes into contact with the food inside.

Superior function

HALOPACK even offers superior function

HALOPACK outshines plastic trays, not just from an ecological and marketing perspective, but also in terms of function. It's thin film gives foodstuffs even better protection against environmental influences and creates a more reliable barrier against grease and moisture compared to conventional PP, PE or PET trays, ensuring excellent storage life. The hybrid packaging can also be heated in the microwave or oven without any issues – making it ideal for ready meals. HALOPACK even makes resealing possible.

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