Halopack: Schumacher Packaging produces MAP food packaging made from cardboard

Innovative hybrid packaging with dramatically reduced plastic content

Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 24th June 2019 +++ Schumacher Packaging will launch the innovative and environmentally friendly Halopack hybrid packaging for foodstuffs – which was developed in the Netherlands – on the German and Polish market by the end of year. The Schumacher Packaging Group is one of the largest family-run…

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An improvement in terms of environmental impact and functionality

Special machines are needed to produce the innovative Halopack hybrid packaging. "In the first stage, we will be able to produce 10 to 30 million trays per year on one or two machines," explains Hendrik Schumacher, who, as a member of the management team at Schumacher Packaging, is responsible for launching Halopack. "We consider Halopack to be an important opportunity to respond to an urgent ecological issue with a solution that is in equal parts innovative and pragmatic," states Schumacher. "Halopack reduces the use of plastic in heritable foodstuffs to the absolute minimum without impacting hygiene or shelf life. In fact, the opposite is true: Halopack gives foodstuffs even better protection against environmental influences and creates a more reliable barrier against grease and moisture compared to conventional PP-PE or PET trays. Halopack is an ingenious idea from the Netherlands that perfectly aligns with our identity as an environmentally conscious packaging manufacturer," explains Hendrik Schumacher.


Innovation partners working in unison

From the point of view of the Dutch inventors, Schumacher Packaging is the ideal partner as a licensee for Germany and Poland. "Both topics – innovation and environmental awareness – have been central to Schumacher Packaging for some time now," explains Remi de Olde, partner at Halopack N.V. in Almelo. "It's no coincidence that Schumacher Packaging is one of the innovation and technology leaders in the industry. We are convinced that the company's widespread presence in Germany and Poland and its excellent reputation will further boost demand for our innovative Halopack solution. The market is ready for this."


Cardboard saves plastic

Halopack is the first fully gas-tight MAP packaging to be produced mainly from cardboard. It not only ensures an outstanding shelf life for foodstuffs; the hybrid packaging can also be used in microwaves or ovens without any issues. Freezing the food in the packaging itself is also entirely hassle-free. Halopack will even make resealing possible. "Halopack not only offers major functional advantages, but the marketing impact of this type of environmentally friendly packaging is also huge," states Hendrik Schumacher. "Nowadays, many consumers are environmentally aware and make a conscious effort to choose environmentally friendly packaging. We are also able to print any text or design onto the cardboard tray, even on the inside. This is possible as the thin, transparent film prevents any contact with the food inside. The instructions explaining how simple it is to take apart and dispose of the hybrid packaging are also printed on the tray itself," continues Hendrik Schumacher. "The materials we use span a range of solid board grades, from primary or recycled fibres, coated or uncoated, glossy or matt. In this context, it goes without saying that our special eco line is particularly attractive. We produce this cardboard box with matt surface in the colours brown, grey or white – using only recycled material." To find out more information about Halopack, visit:  Halopack(at)

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Schumacher Packaging increases its annual sales to 627 million euros

Family-run packaging group still on road to international success

Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 15th April 2019 +++ In 2018, the Schumacher Packaging Group, one of the biggest independent and family-run manufacturers of packaging solutions made from corrugated and solid cardboard, increased its sales once again. Compared to the previous year, there was a growth in sales of over 6 percent – to the current…

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“Price before volume” growth principle

Björn Schumacher, Managing Director of the Schumacher Packaging Group, explains, however, that the increase in sales had not been the central objective for the past year at all: “In 2018, the packaging sector once again had to cope with a very difficult environment – increasing raw material prices for paper caused a drop in revenue and a major shortfall. Our motto was therefore “price before volume”. We are not unhappy, of course, that in spite of all this, we were able to achieve a considerable profit,” continues Björn Schumacher. “However, the revenues in the sector have not been at the level they should be for some time now. The increased costs in all areas still require strict price discipline.”


The new Greven plant – a success story

One of the driving forces behind the positive sales trend in the past year was the very pleasing development in the corrugated cardboard plant in Greven. Schumacher Packaging had built the brand-new production facilities in the Airportpark at Münster-Osnabrück Airport in 2014. Since the plant opened, the packaging specialist has made further investments costing tens of millions of euros and doubled the production capacity there. “In 2018, Graven was the only place where our sales increased by more than 20 percent,” reports Schumacher. “But we also made a profit in all other markets – whether in Germany, in our Polish plants or in the Netherlands.”


200 million euros – even for less dependence on raw paper material

Schumacher Packaging has set the course for further growth. “Our investment strategy for the next four years totals 200 million euros,” explains Björn Schumacher, “more than 50 million of which has been earmarked for this year.” A significant portion of the sum will go into technological innovations at all sites. The family business is also pursuing strategic objectives with its investment programme. “Greater self-sufficiency in the supply of raw materials is particularly important to us,” explains Schumacher. In Myszków, Poland, the group took over a paper plant at the end of 2016 to convert it to recycled corrugated base papers. “Production began there in March, and in a few months, our plant will have taken the first step towards reaching a production capacity of around 150,000 tons, and later, in a second step, 300,000 tons per year,” explains Schumacher. “Together with the plant in Grudziądz, the total figure will be over 400,000 tons.” Growth plans are thereby yet to be finalised: “Beyond these investments of 200 million euros in existing sites, we also want to press ahead with our expansion by acquiring additional companies.”


Mass volume digital printing ready for mass production

Schumacher Packaging is recognised as a leader in productivity and technology in the packaging sector. For example, the company was the first in Germany to use modern mass volume digital printing on an industrial scale. The benefits of modern printing technology for high print runs are that it combines speed with high-quality, multicoloured print images almost in offset quality. This makes digital printing faster and more environmentally friendly than flexo printing because no printing blocks are needed. It is also possible to randomly vary the print images, up to the individual printing of each individual item of packaging. “The machine prototype, which we have tested and perfected in an industrial setting in Ebersdorf in collaboration with our technology partner Durst, will be ready to go into mass production this year. Then we will install digital printers in yet more sites.” Björn Schumacher reveals: “We now have the next rung on this technology’s evolutionary ladder in sight.”


CargoPropal pallets – as light as paper, as sturdy as wood

The material innovation CargoProfil is now being put into mass production at Schumacher Packaging too. CargoProfil is a wood profile made from twisted corrugated raw paper, which combines the stability of wood with the light weight of paper and is 100% recyclable. Since the cover frames from the material were initially available under the name CargoProtop, the new CargoPropal pallets are now also ready to go into mass production. “We have now concentrated the mass production of both products made from CargoProfil in our Czech plant in Nýrsko,” explains Björn Schumacher. Due to their light weight, the new CargoPropal pallets pose a very interesting alternative to traditional wooden pallets. “A CargoPropal can be handled and loaded like any traditional Euro pallet,” explains Schumacher. “It is just as stable, but has a distinct advantage: Instead of the 28 kg that a traditional wooden pallet weighs, they only weigh 7 kg.” Unlike wood, the paper profile doesn’t require any pretreatment, is hygienic and is therefore ideal for transporting food products too.


The forecast – no easy environment for 2019

Asked about his economic forecast for the current year, Björn Schumacher definitely envisages risks for the packaging sector: “Economic cooling is one factor. We could also be occupied with Brexit and its consequences, as well as the trade dispute with the USA,” says Schumacher. A growing protectionism could impact on customers’ business, thereby suppressing the demand for packaging. However, the trend for Schumacher Packaging so far was definitely pleasing. “Our first few months of 2019 were better than the same period last year. In all our plants, current capacity utilisation is very good to excellent – we aren’t observing any slump in demand,” concludes Björn Schumacher. “Even though growth has decelerated somewhat.”

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Christof Schnell joins Schumacher Packaging as Supply Chain Manager

Packaging manufacturer addresses the topic of security of supply for corrugated base paper

Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 2nd April 2019 +++ Christof Schnell, formerly Sales Manager at Papierfabrik Adolf Jass, will join the Schumacher Packaging Group  on 1st July 2019. Schnell will be responsible for the new position of Supply Chain Manager for corrugated base paper. With this newly created role,…

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Security of supply for raw material

"Over 80% of the material we process is brown, recycled corrugated base paper," explains Björn Schumacher, Managing Director at Schumacher Packaging. "I am truly delighted to have found such an experienced specialist in the paper industry for this new position in Christof Schnell. His tasks as Supply Chain Manager are likely to include sales along with procurement. This is because, in order to increase security of supply, we have just opened our own factory for the production of brown recycling paper in the Polish town of Myszków." However, Björn Schumacher goes on to explain that Jass Papierfabrik will continue to be one of the most important suppliers of the Schumacher Packaging Group.


40 years of experience in corrugated base paper

Before joining Schumacher Packaging, Christof Schnell spent four decades working for Jess Papierfabrik – including as their Head of Sales for the past 20 years. In this position, he was responsible for the company's annual production sales, most recently totalling around one million tonnes of raw paper. "What attracts me to my new role at Schumacher Packaging is switching from the semi-finished product of corrugated base paper to corrugated board," explains Schnell. "It's a completely different perspective." As Supply Chain Manager for corrugated base paper, Schnell will find himself responsible not least for the optimisation of the paper flow at Schumacher Packaging: "It's all about balancing out in the medium-term which paper products we procure on the market, which we produce in-house and which we sell."

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Jochen Drösel joins the Schumacher Packaging Group as a designated CSO

European expansion as a strategic target for the packaging manufacturer

Ebersdorf bei Coburg, 26th March 2019 +++ Jochen Drösel (49), formerly Head of Sales and Product Development at the Kolb Group, will join the Schumacher Packaging Group on 1st May, 2019 as a member of the sales management team and designated Chief Sales Officer (CSO). Schumacher Packaging ( is one…

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Group manages to persuade a top manager in the sector to join

"In Jochen Drösel, we have gained a real industry heavyweight as our new designated CSO," explains Björn Schumacher, the Managing Director of Schumacher Packaging, enthusiastically. "We have remained in touch with him ever since he was Head of Sales at the raw paper supplier Smurfit Kappa. We not only value his experience and extensive expert knowledge in the paper and packaging sector, but also on a personal level. I think Jochen Drösel will fit in perfectly with our dynamic corporate culture. He will be a worthy successor to Norbert Hager," Björn Schumacher continues. "Over the past 42 years as Sales Manager, Norbert Hager, my mother's brother, has contributed significantly to the success of our family company. Now, at 67, he has reached the age at which we must gradually let him hand over this responsibility."


Growth dynamic as a new challenge

"I believe it's a perfect match: The position of CSO at Schumacher Packaging and my industry expertise," Jochen Drösel comments in relation to his new role. "I have now been working in the paper and paper processing industry for over 25 years. For 14 years, I was responsible for sales "on the other side", as it were, at Schumacher Packaging's supplier Smurfit Kappa. What really appeals to me about Schumacher Packaging now is the company's impressive dynamic and the strategic and international activities being undertaken as part of further European expansion. The Schumacher Packaging Group quite rightly sees itself as an innovation and productivity industry leader. This technological advantage opens up huge international potential."


Jochen Drösel's career in the industry

Over the course of his career, Jochen Drösel has held managerial sales positions in family-run companies such as the Kolb Group and in international groups such as Smurfit Kappa. He began his career in 1992 as a Regional Sales Manager for Bong Deutschland in Wuppertal. While working there, he completed his studies in business administration (VWA). In 1998, he joined Kappa Recycled Paper Europe in the Dutch city of Roermond as a Regional Sales Manager for the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and the Czech Republic. After the merger to become the Smurfit Kappa Group in 2004, he became the Managing Director of the new sales company Smurfit Kappa Paper Sales Germany in Neuss. During this time, he was directly responsible for the top key accounts, including that of Schumacher Packaging. From 2012 onwards, he worked as Sales Manager and Member of the Executive Board at the Kolb Group/Hans Kolb Wellpappe in Memmingen.

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