The packaging of the future

Especially for you

We can add to your success – with innovation, quality and reliability. With modern packaging made from corrugated and solid board. Schumacher Packaging is an owner-managed company and the productivity and technology leader in its sector. So you can benefit from optimum solutions and services across Europe from a single source.

Industry solutions

  • E-commerce

    We work with everyone – from the small companies to the big players in the world of online commerce. And our range of solutions covers just as varied a range of requirements.


  • Food

    The food industry has its own special requirements when it comes to packaging. This includes compatibility with machines and easy scalability of the supply quantities.


  • Beverages

    From carry packs to the POS display

    Today's wine boxes can be made much more attractive thanks to innovative mass-volume digital printing: On large print runs, you can now split the print images into partial series according to your preferences.


  • Fruit & vegetables

    Whatever fruit or vegetable packaging you need, you'll find it here. Our wide range of sustainable packaging stays in peak condition along your entire supply chain.


  • Automotive

    A more efficient supply chain

    Last but not least, we also produce assembled packaging sets, called module packaging, for automotive suppliers. For example, space-saving, collapsible one-way pallets make for easy handling and simplify processes within the supply chain.


  • Consumer Electronics

    Packaging for electrical domestic appliances must be suitable for both the appliance and the target group. We supply customer-specific system solutions in all shapes and sizes, whether it be 5 cm or 5 m large.


  • Efficient and shelf-ready

    Cost plays a key role in the economy in general and the healthcare industry is no different. It's not just about the economical and low-cost manufacture of packaging – a multiple-use packaging system is also a huge advantage. The focus is on shelf-ready packaging.


For your positive carbon footprint

  • Halopack

    Paper-based HALOPACK food packaging replaces conventional plastic trays and therefore reduces plastic use by 70 to 90%.


  • The eco-friendly takeaway box

    Consumers today are concerned about sustainability. Takeaway businesses that use cleverly designed boxes made of 100% recyclable cardboard material will be a big hit with customers and make a much better impression than those still using plastic waste bags.


  • Creativity without limits

    Promotional activities at the POS draw customer attention, motivate buying and enhance the brand offering which means they are an indispensable tool in your marketing mix.


  • We have 1001 ideas...

    ... for how to present your brand name and product effectively in a retail outlet – in any shape, size or design, with optional light and sound/sensory elements or multimedia components, interactive, with 3D effects or special finishes.

  • Successful campaigns

    We know all the requirements of retail, so we can help you achieve maximum success in your marketing campaign.

  • Come – see – buy

    First, we give you advice on choosing the right design and then, drawing on our endless supply of creativity and in-depth technical know-how, we can provide tailor-made solutions to transform your displays, secondary placements or promotional campaigns into something extraordinary.

  • Exactly the right solution

    This will help you carry through your consistent marketing strategy right into the retail shop.

  • Attention guaranteed

    Because they are specially tailored to your product and advertising campaign, our counter displays make a real eye-catcher at the POS, putting your advertising message in the best light and maximising impulse buys.

  • Stimulate desire

    With our displays, you present your advertising message in the right light and create maximum incentives to buy.

Our own supply of raw materials

Material expertise

What separates us from many other packaging manufacturers? We produce our own raw materials, from paper and corrugated board to solid board. All these materials are produced at our own production facilities, where we ensure high quality. This high level of self-sufficiency in terms of raw material supply guarantees end-to-end supply reliability and stable development of prices for you.

Gift packaging

We're making sustainable gift giving more attractive

We aim to bring joy while making gift giving sustainable – and our latest collection does both perfectly. Modern designs and new products inspired by nature are setting the trends for the upcoming season. Made in Germany, our gift packaging solutions offer premium quality at attractive prices.


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