Displays – guaranteed success at the POS

Come – see – buy

If you want customers to put your products in their baskets, they need to stand out at the POS. As a brand name, such displays will increase your turnover. Take advantage of the entire range of options for your promotional campaigns – from attractively printed standard displays, custom free-standing and counter displays to tailor-made custom solutions. On request, we can even develop entire retail experiences and retail theatre for you.

Floor displays

  • Stand out at the POS

    Our free-standing displays are the perfect backdrop for your product, turning the POS into a special place. Our expertise lets creativity run wild. We can turn your displays, secondary placements and promotional campaigns into something extraordinary.

  • Tailor-made

    We can help you to choose the right design and produce tailor-made solutions. So you can extend your marketing strategy right into the retail store.

Counter displays

  • Just get it

    Whether for a product launch or a campaign, no other placement catches the eye like a counter display. Our creative display ideas will create the right setting for your brand – taking up minimal space but giving maximum impact! Because they are specially tailored to your product and advertising campaign, our counter displays make a real eye-catcher at the POS.

  • Perfect promotion

    Counter displays should be designed specifically to suit your product and advertising campaign. We develop a design that meets your exact needs, from counter displays with back card, triangular displays and dispensers to raffle boxes.

Standard solutions

  • Small budget, huge impact

    We offer a wide range of low-cost standard displays, with intelligent concepts that are easy to handle. Our standard displays impress with their functionality and marketing impact, both in logistics and at the POS.

  • Amazingly adaptable

    Our budget-friendly standard solutions are incredibly adaptable. Not only can you choose the print design and colours you desire, you can also select a range of accessories and custom options to create your own specific brand image.


Create an experience

Whether life-size, three-dimensional, interactive or animated, whether for promotional campaigns, tasting booths, window dressing or special placements – we create tailor-made experiences for your professional brand presence. Sustainable materials such as corrugated board and cardboard unlock almost unlimited creative opportunities. We understand retail requirements so your displays will have maximum impact and perform outstandingly at the POS.

The big e-book

Displays and promotional packaging

The perfect brand image at the POS

Do you want to create the perfect brand image at the POS or optimum secondary placement for your product? Our in-depth e-book on "Displays and promotional packaging" explains all the principles, aspects to consider and context for you.

You can download the e-book free of charge here:

Download e-book: Displays and promotional packaging

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