Neuheiten 2020/2021

Stimmungsvolle und nachhaltig gefertigte Designs

In diesem Jahr ist das Schenken mit ganz besonderen Emotionen verbunden, da man lange Zeit auf den persönlichen Kontakt zu Familie, Freunden und Geschäftspartnern verzichten musste. Unsere neue Kollektion 2020/2021 vermittelt durch stimmungsvolle Designs in warmen sowie eleganten Farbtönen das Gefühl von Wiedersehensfreude und Wertschätzung.

Neue Saison 2020/2021

Nachhaltig und emotional schenken

Von festlichen Präsentkartons über neutrale, ganzjährig einsetzbare Geschenkverpackungen und -körbe bis hin zur edlen Tragetasche: Wählen Sie aus mehr als zwanzig Neuheiten in variantenreichen Stilrichtungen. Selbstverständlich trägt ein Großteil wieder das Signed by Nature-Logo als Zeichen nachhaltiger Fertigung.


Festive, thought-provoking and emotional

At Christmas, we use presents as a way to show our appreciation, perhaps to even say "thank you". With its design and quality, the right gift wrapping can convey precisely these emotions. The festive gift wrapping with a stylish finish often even greatly increases the perceived value of the present. Get your gift recipients brimming with anticipation!

Elegance throughout the entire year

Neutral designs for a range of occasions

Neutral designs which are suitable for sending stylish gifts throughout the entire year are the latest trend in packaging. "Opus" is the name for luxurious gift boxes in elegant black and with special glitter paint in gold. "DiVino" folded boxes with a slate look have a partial gloss coating, with a red wine design on the front and a white wine design on the rear. And the "Primo" gift box made of single-faced, cream-coloured corrugated board with hot foil embossing is the perfect choice whatever the time of year.

Gift baskets for a mixture of presents

An impressive variety of gift baskets

We make our attractive gift baskets out of sustainable corrugated board. These are ideal for a mixture of presents throughout the entire year. No matter what size you need – whether you're looking for a high-sided, low-sided or hexagonal basket – you're sure to find what you're looking for in our range. Our new RUSTIKA baskets also stand out: Our ecological digital printing lends them a natural mesh look.

Gift boxes

Gift boxes to tempt you

Our innovative gift boxes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit any needs. Our SURPRISE series, which is made of brown corrugated board and printed with colourful package motifs, is right on-trend as ecological gift wrapping. Our triangular VINTAGE gift box with window is also enticing and sustainable – our modern digital printing lends the box a deceptively genuine wooden look.

Catalogue for download

Gift packaging catalogue 2020/2021

You can download our latest catalogue Gift packaging collection 2020/2021 here as a PDF.

Download the Gift packaging collection 2020/2021 here as a PDF

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