Special packaging

A more efficient supply chain

Last but not least, we also produce assembled packaging sets, called module packaging, for automotive suppliers. For example, space-saving, collapsible one-way pallets make for easy handling and simplify processes within the supply chain. And the recipients – automotive manufacturers – can dispose of their supplier's transport solution with ease as the material is 100% recyclable.

Automotive & mechanical engineering

CI-compliant and tamper-proof

Corporate identity is becoming increasingly important, and this goes for automotive suppliers too. We can help you create a consistent corporate image by printing a range of packaging solutions using the optimum method for each one – flexographic printing or HQ flexographic printing, mass-volume digital printing with individual barcodes or high-quality offset printing. Modern printing techniques and black-light colours even protect you against brand piracy: Your CI-compliant packaging also confirms the authenticity of the spare part within.

The new small load carrier

The lightweight one-way small load carrier for global supply chains

A major German automotive supplier was in need of a new small load carrier for one-way shipping overseas. We developed this small load carrier out of fine-flute corrugated board as a lighter successor model to the small load carrier made of heavier EB flute which was previously in use. Our fully recyclable small load carrier is also an ecological alternative to conventional small load carriers according to VDA made of blue plastic. Our third-generation small load carrier had to be suitable for global use and use corrugated board grades that are available worldwide.

The new small load carrier

Reduced use of resources, less space required and lower transport costs

Our small load carrier is made of lightweight B flute but the new corner design means it is as sturdy and stackable as its EB flute predecessor. It is easy to assemble manually and features both ergonomic handles and recesses for robot handling. The main advantages of this new design are its reduced use of resources, smaller space requirement and transport costs, which are 45% lower than its predecessor made of EB flute.

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