Wine box advertising

Wine makers and winemaking cooperatives know that excellent marketing wins over consumers. Nowadays, wine boxes can feature much more appealing designs than was previously possible, thanks to innovative mass-volume digital printing. On larger print runs for your sales packaging, you can now split the print images into partial series according to your preferences – with seasonal themes, designs for special events or for creating custom looks for each of your wine varieties.

Wine boxes

The six-pack box as a marketing tool

Flexographic printing used to be the most common form of printing for wine boxes. But not any more. Innovative mass-volume digital printing has opened up completely new options for wine makers and winemaking cooperatives – turning six-pack boxes into attractive marketing tools. Our digital printing technology enables you to create custom, high-resolution print images, even in small quantities. We simply split your large packaging run into partial digital print series with different themes. We can even handle consecutive serial numbers or individual barcodes.

Attractive design

Full-surface designs with brilliant colours

Create full-surface, colourful, highly-appealing designs for your wine boxes in a quality that almost rivals offset printing with our innovative digital printing technique. The water-based inks provide a particularly glossy look. Highly flexible mass-volume digital printing is no more expensive than conventional flexographic printing – plus there are no costs for manufacturing printing blocks or plates. Turn your wine box into a marketing feature – and an eye-catcher at the PoS – with four-colour photos, graphics and text.


The right print image for every campaign

Even small-scale wine makers can now use their sales packaging to create an emotional and unmistakable brand image thanks to our digital printing technique. You can vary the print image within your series of six-pack boxes to reflect aspects such as the various grape varieties, the location or quality of your vineyard. You can also create special seasonal or event-based marketing campaigns with digital printing. Why not grab your customers' attention at the POS with a wine that pairs well with asparagus, for example, and increase your sales? Let your creativity run wild with our digital printing technique.

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