No e-commerce without packaging

There can be no e-commerce without packaging

Packaging is essential in e-commerce. It fulfils a range of functions, from protecting goods and the environment to transport and storage as well as playing a role in marketing and advertising. Straightforward handling is a key requirement in online commerce – both during packing by employees in dispatch and also when the customer opens up their package. After all, packaging is the only physical point of contact an online retailer has with its customers. Sustainable cardboard packaging and attractive printing also help to impress e-commerce customers.

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Everything you need

Tear strips, adhesive sealing and personalised digital printing

Whether you are a pure online retailer or have an additional digital sales channel, seamlessly integrated e-commerce packaging will improve efficiency in your supply chain. Do you need easy handling at your packing station or want your packaging to feature perforation and tear strips for easy opening? Or adhesive sealing for easier returns? Or maybe you would like a print image with an elaborate design to catch your customers attention – perhaps even customised or serialised with our new mass-volume digital printing technique? Whatever your needs, we will meet them.


L-folder: Award-winner with efficient use of material

Our L-folder won second prize in the "E-commerce packaging" category at the Innovationspreis Wellpappe 2018 (Corrugated Board Innovation Awards 2018). Unlike conventional packaging for goods such as books or CDs, the flexible L-folder has an L-shape in place of a T-shape – enabling minimal, sustainable use of material. An adhesive strip means the L-folder is easy to handle; the tab – which goes all the way round the packaged goods – offers protection against theft; and a perforated tear strip makes it easy for end customers to remove their items.


Expertise available for download

Everything you need to know about packaging for online commerce

Our e-book provides extensive information about the special packaging requirements that arise in the world of e-commerce and how you can ensure you meet them. Discover interesting details about benefits of your packaging in relation to marketing, with numerous practical examples and illustrative images, plus many tips and tricks for optimising your packaging.

Download the "Everything that you need to know about packaging in e-commerce" e-book​​​​​​​

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