For success at the POS

Packaging for the food industry must not only be suitable for transport and compatible with machines – it also plays a key role in marketing. Appealing presentation of packaging and displays with high-quality print images and attractive finishing coupled with the right brand message encourages customers to make that split-second decision to purchase at the POS.


Colourful and machine-compatible

The confectionery industry has its own special requirements when it comes to packaging. This includes compatibility with machines and easy scalability of the supply quantities. Our packaging solutions are therefore optimised for your fully-automatic packaging lines. Your packaging is colourful, stands out and is eye-catching thanks to the optimum printing process, whether it be simple flexographic printing or premium offset printing.


Modern marketing for innovative product ideas

Packaging for meat, sausages, dairy products and their alternatives is no longer just plain and functional – nowadays it is a platform for marketing innovative product ideas. Your packaging and displays need rapid, custom and seasonal designs, such as those provided by our modern, serialised digital printing. So you can create the perfect marketing campaigns at the POS.

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