Corrugated board raw paper

Die eigene Rohpapier-Herstellung

We manufacture our own corrugated board raw paper (testliner and corrugated medium) at two of the Schumacher Packaging Group's Polish factories. We acquire the raw material for corrugated board manufacture in a sustainable manner – entirely from waste paper. As we produce our own raw paper, we are self-sufficient when it comes to supply and can always secure the required quality for you.

Corrugated board

The optimum corrugated board material for you

As a full-service provider we offer an almost unlimited range of packing options and designs. We produce our own corrugated board raw papers which we use to manufacture a wide range of corrugated board grades and create exactly the packaging that you require. Whether you need single-face corrugated board, classic single or double-wall grades; coarse, medium or fine flutes: We can produce everything for you from a single source!

Continuous corrugated board

Continuous corrugated board for bulky items, including in e-commerce

Our continuous corrugated board takes care of your packaging needs for large, bulky goods, such as those found in the furniture industry. This material also opens up your options in online commerce. Rather than using oversized boxes in standard sizes, you can pack the goods appropriately for the situation and size using continuous corrugated board. This type of custom packaging is smaller and easier to handle, provides better protection and saves on padding and costs.

Solid board

Printed, finished, hygiene-certified

We produce our ECO solid board in all required grammages from 250 to 1200 g/m². Our range of colours includes brown or grey on both sides, white-brown and white-grey as well as white on both sides. The varied printing options range from flexographic printing with up to five colours plus coating to high-quality offset printing with five or six colours. We also offer hygiene certification according to HACCP – whether you need cardboard slip sheets in your pharmaceutical production or offset-printed sales packaging for frozen foods.

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V-board: Corrugated board as strong as wood

Our highly sturdy V-board is used for display solutions that are several metres tall. This innovative material, which we produce from several layers of corrugated board, is as sturdy as comparable wooden panels – but V-board is much lighter, more cost-effective and fully recyclable. Our V-board opens up a whole new world of options for your sales displays and brand promotions – in the form of durable shelves, seating and large-scale installations.

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