From a single source

A good co-packer brings plenty of packaging expertise to the table. Quality is crucial, especially for premium goods and give-away items or where complex displays need to be put together and assembled from a few dozen parts. As meticulous co-packers, our trained employees mainly carry out work by hand – so we can achieve 100% quality control. Plus, many custom items simply cannot be handled by machines. Re-packing in new container sizes is also carried out manually.

On the dot

Perfect timing

Let us mass produce your special editions and we will ensure everything runs seamlessly. We carefully coordinate the delivery of your products, add-on products and packaging featuring your design, keep personnel for construction and assembly on standby and organise logistics for you. Your complete displays, on-pack advertising or promotional packaging will be available at all points of sale on the specified date – and you can sit back and watch your sales increase.

Just for you

Custom design, production and assembly

We offer flexible, high-quality co-packing designed to suit you and your product at our Lehrte, Breda and Nyrsko sites. We provide advice, select the material, supply draft designs and sample packaging and assess the technical feasibility. As a full packaging service provider, we offer everything from a single source – from planning to the complete promotional product.

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We are here for you