Strategic advice

Properly packaged, every time

We want to truly meet all your packaging needs, so we do more than just select some packaging. Your individual situation often calls for a specific solution. Which is why our strategic packaging advice goes beyond simply supplying boxes; instead it aims to deliver a carefully conceived package of solutions. We begin by listening carefully to you and assessing your situation: The type of volumes you have, how much your demand fluctuates, the nature of your product, and the level of your customer's expectations.

Strategic advice – consecutive barcodes

Bringing barcodes and packaging together

At KOMSA, a packaging service provider, each box has its own specific barcode. Thanks to the innovative digital printing technique at Schumacher Packaging, one of the process steps – sticking the barcode labels on the boxes – can be omitted. Instead, the code is added to the packaging boxes during production.

"This is exactly what our long-term and intensive partnership with Schumacher Packaging is all about: Employees are on hand whenever we need help. They are also full of ideas on how to improve processes," says Andrea Fiedler, company spokesperson at KOMSA.

Strategic advice - The new small load carrier

The lightweight one-way small load carrier for global supply chains

A major German automotive supplier was in need of a new small load carrier for one-way shipping overseas. We developed this small load carrier out of fine-flute corrugated board as a lighter successor model to the small load carrier made of heavier EB flute which was previously in use. Our fully recyclable small load carrier is also an ecological alternative to conventional small load carriers according to VDA made of blue plastic. Our third-generation small load carrier had to be suitable for global use and use corrugated board grades that are available worldwide.

Creative solutions - printmate

Individually printed shipping boxes

Digitisation and individualisation are pointing the way into the future for the packaging sector

printmate's core business idea was to make it possible to carry out individual print runs starting at a quantity of 100 pieces for e-commerce. It was only when innovative digital printing came along at Schumacher Packaging that the option to also produce individual print images in small quantities actually became economically viable. After all, the conventional processes – whether flexographic or offset printing – are typically only used for large quantities, as new printing plates need to be produced and then set up for each new image.

"It is fair to say that the production facilities at Schumacher Packaging were what made our printmate idea possible in the first place," comments Julian Jost, CEO at printmate.

New options – individual print images

Stiebel Eltron uses digital printing innovation from Schumacher Packaging

Up to now, Stiebel Eltron relied on offset printing to create its attractive, high-quality packaging. With Schumacher Packaging and the innovative digital printing technique, Stiebel Eltron has now found a high-quality alternative and thereby benefits from previously unknown flexibility for its packaging printing and can even produce commercially viable small batches. As well as outstanding print quality, the financial outlay is also lower: Digital printing reduces the costs compared to offset printing, as new printing plates are not needed for each small print run. It makes it possible to print small series, so Stiebel Eltron no longer needs to order minimum batch sizes.

From design to implementation

From design to implementation

Developing the perfect packaging concept for your specific needs is only half the solution. It must also be perfectly implemented. We can do both. At Schumacher Packaging, we have the experience, capacity and the technological capabilities. We can also answer all your questions relating to allocation, distribution and logistics. So our packaging always arrives on site exactly when you need it.

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